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Zars Pharmaceutical Introduction


At present, our family has put up a pharmaceutical project by the name of ZARS Pharmaceutical in Sundar Industrial Estate. The best machinery and laboratories equipment are installed in ZARS Pharmaceutical in order to produce the quality products which meet all the guidelines of “GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES”.
At ZARS Pharmaceuticals (PVT) Ltd, we all work as a team, and whole-heartedly pursue the goal to search for the unexplored knowledge of health to fight disease, the worst enemy of mankind. This will benefit the well-being of the poor and needy masses of Pakistan and the humanity at large. Through our collaborative spirit, vision and customer support, we aspire to achieve the best in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and its further Development.
Following the different business options, with different dynamics, prevailing in the Pharmaceutical Market of Pakistan:

      • Promotion of products to physicians through field staff
      • We are already exporting our HNC products in different parts of the world such as the Middle Easter, Canada, United Kingdom, North America, South America, Malaysia and Australia.We plan to further start exporting to different countries like the Russian States, Africa and South Africa.
      • Institutional Selling (Govt. Institutes)
      • Pakistan Franchise of the Products to Marketing Companies
      • District Level Franchise
      • Toll Manufacturing for other Pharmaceutical Companies if allowed by the regulation of the Health Ministry
      • Trading in the wholesale Market.

ZARS Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited has planned to focus on Promotion of Products to physicians through a field force of specialized and experienced personnel as this strategy reaps consistent increase in sales with image building, while being less vulnerable to price wars and external threats, like implementation of WTO policies. ZARS Pharmaceuticals also plans to manufacture products for HNC, our USA based company, as it is already selling its products globally as mentioned above. Furthermore, ZARS Pharmaceuticals plans to manufacture for other renowned companies on the basis of toll manufacturing, whereas on a selective basis, franchise and institutional selling will also be encouraged as enlisted above. In addition, ZARS Pharmaceuticals plans to manufacture some of the FDA approved products of HNC in future. We believe this will boost our company to the highest level in Pakistan.

ZARS Pharmaceutical (Pvt.) Ltd. is a sister company of Halal Nutritional Center, a company based in the U.S.A. Halal Nutritional Center (HNC) is a well-known American company which has been selling nutraceutical products and Dietary Supplements internationally since 2002. HNC, and SRS Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd are both subsidiary of Herbal Pharma Inc. which is certified by the Islamic Society of North America, the American Halal Foundation (AHF) and the Malaysian Society of Mihas, We are not only focused on the manufacturing of the natural products by formation, but also prioritize the scientific understanding, research, and development of the raw material and final products.Successfully, we have been visiting expo and forums hosted by different countries where we found various personnel to extend our business to high level worldwide. We are fortunate to have a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the field of medicine who are managing HNC and now establishing ZARS Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd.

The directors of the company, who proposed this project, belong to the family of qualified doctors from two generations ago. They constitute a family of mixed groups of Pakistani Doctors specialising in different fields of medicine. Our family has established a base in the pharmaceutical industry for two decades now and are looking forward to further serving these areas of medicine In Shah Allah.