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Vision, Mission, Values

Objectives of the family to enter in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. To establish a FDA specifications approved pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and research institute in Pakistan so that the Pharma industry could be revolutionized.
  2. To secure foreign collaborations in the field of Pharmaceuticals manufacturing, Research and Development within “two operational years”.
  3. To become a part of the first “Ten” Companies’ list in Pakistan within  “three years”  of operations.

Core Values

The most significant factor in the success of our company is the quality and involvement of our people. We seek the most qualified personnel available and expect them to demonstrate a positive and “can do” attitude.


We are committed to creating an atmosphere of teamwork, open communication, mutual support, respect and investment in each other’s success. We encourage diversity in the workforce and recognize that a company’s success is supported by the team’s success which also provides the opportunity for individual success.


Innovation is fundamental to the success of ZARS Pharmaceuticals. We value the ability of people to develop new ways to identify opportunities and solve problems. We utilize our skills to search for and apply new technologies, approaches, and business solutions which will contribute to the development of new, improved and safe medicines.

Customer Focus

The doctors who prescribe our products are extremely important to us. We are committed to the highest standards of service, honesty and integrity in our interactions with doctors and others related to the pharmaceutical industry. We shall hold seminars and lectures to update the doctors with the indications, therapeutic uses and above all the side effects and contraindication of our products. We shall always seek their feedback and suggestions for improvement in all areas of operations.

R & D Orientation

Since ZARS Pharmaceutical is a CGMP and GLP based enterprise, good scientific practices and development of pharmaceutical research and development always remain a priority of our management.

Patient Focus

Since patients are the ultimate common customer of health-care products and pharmaceutical companies, we strive to ensure an uninterrupted supply of safe and high quality products to all patients.

Learning as an Ongoing Phenomenon

ZARS Pharmaceuticals is committed to continuous learning for its employees and continuous improvement in its operations for personal and professional growth, job satisfaction and increased productivity.


We set and hold ourselves to challenging individual and company goals. We uphold the highest scientific standards and expect those standards to be evident in the quality of all products, programs and processes of the company.


We insist on applying the highest ethical standards and adherence to company values. All employees have the responsibility to conduct their business relationship with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.